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Housing Analysis

The purpose of those webpages is to provide you with timely, insightful and local (Middlesex County and New Jersey) information on our housing market.

Those pages are either updated weekly or monthly, so we invite you to bookmark us now. 


Our housing analysis covers the following topics:


Real Estate Statistics and Market Commentary

For Middlesex County single family homes. Stats and commentary updated monthly...


Real Estate Barometer

We have switched our Middlesex County Real Estate Barometer last November...


Housing Affordability Index

The HAI has reached an all time high, mostly due to the two following reasons...


Housing Market Cycle

Which stage are we in the local housing market cycle? Find out quickly with the following graph..


Mortgage Rates Trends

The 35 years historical graph clearly shows that...


$8000 Tax Credit 

Only available for home purchased prior to 04/30/2010...


Houses Sold at Asking Price or Above in Middlesex County, New Jersey

Houses very rarely sell at the last asking price. You might be surprised to find out the percentage of houses that actually were sold at asking price or above last year (by zipcode).


100% Asking Price

Find out by Middlesex County zipcodes, the number of homes that sold at asking price or above.




Soon to come:

Local Housing Trends



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